Monday, June 27, 2011


We moved into a new home recently. Lots of throwing out unused stuff happens before moving out. I had a huge pile of my son's old clothes, card board boxes, scraps of old crafts, this and that which were about to be buried in the dumpster forever when a bolt of lightning struck me.

Yes, I fell on my knees on the floor trembling with a horror on my face, pearls of sweat running down my neck.  And then a moment of silence passed. A silence soo dead that not only could I hear my own heartbeat but I could also hear the acids in my stomach sloshing against its walls. Only then did I realize what a grave mistake I was about to commit. A mistake so unacceptable which would give me a life long  pass to the gates of hell.

How could I? How could I even think of throwing away all the old stuff? Those old stuff which had been someone who had helped us soo much through those times? How could I? (Weeping...)

OK Mrs .Vanmali, Thats enough of fabricating the whole scenario so much so that my monitor just shattered into a million pieces, each piece falling with such a high frequency that the sound blew off my ear drums!!

Anyways, So my idea was to come up with some collage for the new house. And I did this.

In detail.

I cut up my son's old clothes roughly a square/rectangle. And then folded it to give a puffy character. and glued together all such hundreds of pieces.

This green fabric is my son's old blanket. Cute, haan?

Here's another collage that I made with my son's first birthday decorations.

The decorations which I had done are these.

I cut all those triangles into smaller triangles, rolled the wollen thread into a circle. Glued all these together.

Another piece of decor I made ,but it isn't a collage. It is something I did with a gift wrapper and  pieces of cardboard from a diaper box.
I have also used the same gift wrapper in the collage above.

Home decor for less. Who could say that? Elegant, right?

Hope you liked these collages. There is really no need to throw away everything. Most of it could be reused. Only one needs a motivation and creativity to do so. Reduce your waste. Reuse and recycle. Do your bit to keep Mother Earth filth free and clean.

Signing off.