Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DIY Diwali Lantern


Oops Sorry for that.
Oh No, its not the runny nose bcoz of the current bangalore weather. It's just that I was dusting the long unused space here in my blog which gave me the sneeze :)Too many cobwebs here!

Home is where the Heart is! 
Whats more fun than celebrating Diwali at home. The lights, the food, the laughter, the decorations, the people around, the's the spirit and love that's enchanting about this festival.

This diwali I tried making a lantern at home. I used things lying around at home. 
Thermocol, crepe sheets, fancy silver sheets, stationary such as glue, scissors etc.

How I Made them are explained in the pictures below.

I had saved the thermocols from a package earlier and I now used them 
as a top hanger.

I then made holes 4 sides and run a string through 
it to use it as a hanger . Also a big hole is made in the centre to suspend lights inside.

I then took thick sheets of paper or thin sheet of cardboard which can bend you could say. Made 8 1" strips and stuck 2 each side and then stapled it all in a form of square

After that I used crepe papers to cover the lantern.

Last step is to stick crepe ribbons to hang down from the lantern.

And then hanged it. Lights could be suspended inside.

Hope you had a fab Diwali! And make them next time.
Watch this space for more such DIY's.