Friday, July 13, 2012

Restaurant Review of Olive Garden(for vegetarians)

Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant having many branches in the US. My love story with Italian food started with this restaurant. It was like love at first bite! And the love story has ever since continued.....

This Italian haven has quite a good  number of vegetarian dishes. The decor is so simple and pleasing. The service has been good most of the time we have visited excepting a couple of times.  The complimentary bread sticks are so always fresh out out of the oven served warm many a times.
I will be mentioning only the vegetarian dishes in this review.

Starters include bruschetta, caprese flatbread, artichoke spinach dip, lasagna fritta, smoked mozarella fonduta. We have tasted the first four and without a doubt all taste good excepting the lasagna fritta being too cheesy and heavy for my tastebuds.

The best part of this restaurant is their signature salad with their own dressing. I could just visit this place and order just a salad and still could be 100% satisfied. They also have a minestrone soup which I personally did not like much. But still it isn't bad to try once a while!

You can find a good variety of main courses among pastas. My personal favorite being ravioli de portbella. Never have got bored of it until now.

The below is a picture of Eggplant Parmagiani. It is a wonderful dish, which could also be substituted with penne pasta upon request.

They also have a good variety of wines and desserts. My favorite dessert is tiramisu, and the best part is that you can also get small portion of any dessert called dolcini. You wont even feel the guilt of eating all that decadent yumminess! 

You can also order an italian pizza which we have tasted and is good. Something different than the ones we usually order from dominoz or pizza hut.

This picture is a seafood dish which my friend had ordered the other day! It just goes without saying that non-vegetarians have lot of good options to choose from.

So my overall experience is always good visiting this place, the price is not bad for the amount of portion size and of course the good taste. Even the complimentary mint chocolate at the end tastes good!
Would I visit this place again?
I have already visited this place many a times and I would surely do so in future.

So if you are a vegetarian and you have an Olive Garden nearby, I would boldly suggest you to visit it and you wouldn't be disappointed.

Hope this review helped all fellow vegetarians.

Have fun you all!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Restaurant Review Of Village Tavern (For Vegetarians)

OK! So me and Hubby are 'good food' hunters! Thank God for our mutual love for all type of food(only vegetarian), we don't mind exploring all the restaurants in our vicinity. But being Vegetarians(VG) and being in US, you do not have myriad foods to savor . But the good and best part is that with almost every restaurant having atleast one or two vegetarian dishes to offer, you get to taste and enjoy foods from different cuisine. So I finally thought of making this section of restaurant reviews to help all my veggie friends out there.
Should have started this long time back, but like they say 'Better Late than Never'.

Review of Village Tavern (For Vegetarians):
We had been to this restaurant on july 4th for lunch. This is located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Not many branches do they have in US.

The feel of the restaurant is very cozy, but there wasn't much so village-y about it though. Like most in US, the service was pretty good. Though the one thing I do not like in any restaurant for that matter is that they are always in a hurry to take away the menu as soon as they get the order  !!

Coming to food, We ordered Sweet Potato fries for starters. It tasted pretty good, but it wasn't seasoned with salt or pepper which we can always season it according to our taste.My very  picky eater of a son also liked it!
The other starters for vegetarians on menu were Bruschetta (which is one of my fav dishes) , Spinach tortilla dip, freshly fried potato chips. Good number of options are available in starters. The only salad available for VG is Greek Salad.

For our main course, we ordered Spaghetti Squash and Zucchini. This was some kind of a preparation with broccoli , cauliflower, shaved zucchini and squash, tomatoes and pine nuts. It tasted wonderful on it's own, low calorie food. My biggest problem with this was the price. It was priced a big $13.50. I do not mind paying that much money if it had a good portion size. But this dish had no protein of any kind, nor were there any whole grain, only the good taste. It wasn't worth the price!

The other main dish was the small sized, pretty thin crust Margherita Pizza made with mozarella, reggiano parmesan ,tomatoes and basil. Though simple it looks, the taste was very amazing. Priced at $8.75. 

The other main dishes on the menu were veggie burger, portbella mushroom sandwich. Me not a fan of burger, hence did not order that. There were also other side items like corn, beans, mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach, asparagus, loaded baked potato. Lots of good choices of beers and cocktails available. You can also see a variety of desserts on the menu.

So yes, there were quite a few good options for us VG's.The 3 dishes we ordered were enough to fill our small tummies. I still felt the price is high considering the portion sizes. The taste , service was very good. 

Will I visit this again?
Definately, when my wallet feels heavy! Occasionally ,yes . Regularly, No.


Next review: Olive Garden.