Monday, October 17, 2011

New Work...

Having practiced quite a few portraits in acrylics as well as oils, I've always wanted to paint a portrait of my son ever since he was born. Back in India and  I couldn't miss this opportunity to do some painting since my mom's here to take care of my son.

So here's the oil painting of my son.

So here's my almost 2 year old grinning away to glory.

You can have a look at some of my other(old) works here.

The other sunday, he was in the park.
He was in the park, in his blue jeans and blue t-shirt.
The t-shirt had a print of a tiger on it's right.
But it was misspelled as 'tigger' on it's left.
But me thinks he doesn't know yet what a tiger is.

Food on his face. Mmm hmmmmmmm .

This is when he gets busy with the birds.
Son turn back. Don't u dare 'Do not disturb me' to me.

This is when my son runs away from his Momma.
Bcoz Momma knows best when to feed him.
And he thinks it's best to run away when Momma wants to feed him.

Is there a smile on your face?

yes, yes, I know that!

Was it my son?

Oh no. I now its me.

Oh sorry.....

It was the  'tigger' , isnt't it?