Monday, March 29, 2010

The Evil 'I'

It's March 27th, 1.04 AM and Im still so sleepless this night. Hundreds of thoughts crawling through my mind, not sure if these thoughts have kept me awake or me being awake have given way to these thoughts. Not knowing what to do, I just opened my laptop to blog down my mind.Hoping to fall asleep midway!!!

It's the concept of 'Evil eye ' or 'evil sight' or 'bad eyes' as everyone says, which I've been hearing a lot about these days especially since after my son was born. Anyone and everyone who comes to see my son has to leave an ending note saying "please ward off the evil eye" or "please put a big black spot on his face". To which I solemnly reply "OK" ,which I actually mean "I dont know what you mean" . Seriously what is it??? Does the big black spot act as a blackhole which absorbs all the bad energy in his vicinity?? Im really tired of everyone speaking about this so called 'drishti tegiyodu'(in kannada), 'Nazar utarna'(in hindi), or the 'warding off evil eye'.

Me ,being a totally non-superstitious person, Am trying to think for some logical explanation to all this and I've failed miserably. But I can surely have logical, obvious reasons why not to believe in this. My Doc says that a baby usually expresses his pain, laugh, hunger, touch, warmth, love, disgust, discomfort, comfort, uneasiness, happiness, etc., through cry. This is because they do not know to speak and they do not know how else to express what they feel. I totally agree to this. Whenever I take my baby out and return back home and if he cries, they say that "everyone's evil eye has fallen on him" , to be exact. I say that he's probably feeling overwhelmed with the diaper packing , the traffic, the heat, the noise, the new strange faces and thats why the baby cries...for godsake. Another instance is when I take him to a social gathering and if he cries, people start speaking about how everyone just have their bad eyes on him. Well, I say , my baby is probably tired of each one passing him around from hand to hand, hes tired of all the noise, hes deprived of his sleep, thats why the cry.

If only people could realise this!!! Not knowing the real reason actually does so much harm to the baby.Isn't it so? I am so sure at this point that many staunch believers would start already cursing me for being a non-believer of such things. Anyways nothing much matters to me as long as I know how to make my baby feel comfortable. Oh by the way ,its not the case just for babies, its for adults as well.

In case I have a headache and I lie down , someone at home surely comes and wards off the so called evil eye by clinching a handful of salt and swinging onto me chanting some mantras. Think I could give hundreds of such examples ,and so do you. If this concept of evil eye is actually true ,then this world is actually covered by a web of evil rays coz this world if filled with so many evil minds.Extend your arm and you can feel it. So we all should probably apply an anti-evil eye lotion before stepping out of the house. Hahhaha....what a stupid thought at this time of night.

Most of the believers who after performing rituals for taking off this bad energy on them , actually feel better. I've seen and heard people telling me that they feel better then. This is probably how their mind works. when anyone strongly believes that something truly works wonders on them, then it truly happens. Their sub-conscious mind starts to believe that after the ritual is performed the body is gonna feel better, giving way to a will power to recover from the illness. The mind starts thinking positively and his conscious tells him that he is all right and he automatically feels better. Its more work of the positive thinking than the rituals. Kudos to the positive mind!!! And I do think that its not the evil from others, its the evil in the I , me and you that should be removed to make us all feel better rather thinking about others.

Sentiments and emotions also play a huge role here. Im sure most of us whether we believe in these things or not , we do take part in these ,just in case if it relieves us from the problem. I must admit,though I do not believe in this, I dont stop anyone from performing these rituals on my son. Thats how the mind works:)) Isn't it? Logical mind says not to believe and the sentimental mind tells us to believe it. Thats how probably these rituals are passed on from one generation to another.

Gosh...It's 1.55 A.M and Im still not sleepy. But I feel satisfied at least after penning down my thoughts.

This blog is not written to hurt anyone's belief. It's just a reflection of my mind. Feel free to argue or comment about your thoughts. Or if anyone believes they have a logical reasoning, please enlighten the ignorant.

Hmmm...Im sure gonna shut down my laptop now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"My Name is Ankush",

That's what my cute little son is gonna answer everyone who asks him his name:) Yes, we named our son Ankush. Having found this name over the internet, me and my hubby were wondering what it would mean. After some research , the meaning we sought was 'the one who controls everything'. After we named him, we got to know through our relatives that Ankush means 'the weapon used by the mahouts to control elephants'. Anyways, .....whats much in the meaning of a name!!!!
I see it this way:
My hubby and my son means 'Love and Happiness' to me.
Love and happiness
Love an' kush (kush means happiness in hindi)
Love Ankush :))) yeeeeeeeeeeyyyy...thats what Ankush is for me:)
My son is now four and half months old. He's getting more cute and naughtier by the day:) He's already fallen over on his belly. And he still keeps giving his priceless million watt smile!!