Monday, February 28, 2011

Nothing but ...

"There is a little bit of dumbness and a little bit of intelligence in all people" 
                                           - My Husband

Isn't this so true? How much ever one is intelligent, one tends to do/think dumb occasionally. Apparantly,this is one of the many witty persistent remarks/quotes that my hubby proclaims every now and then. And each time I sarcastically tell him that I need to make a note of his 'dialogues' . His repertoire of quotes keeps me amazed each time. Although I do forget them eventually.

Coming  to what I a actually had in mind, It's about LOVE.

There is a growing inclination towards love marriages in India over the recent years. Our country has been traditionally following the arranged marriage system from old times. The younger generation is preferring to adopt the love marriage systems. The older generation have started to accept.


While I'm writing this:

Hubby: "Are you done?" (Intentionally trying to disturb me)

Me: "Why do you have to be mean to me all the time?" (I'm kinda irritated by him interfering in my work)

Hubby: "I Love You" (Me Blusshhhhhhhh.., only in my mind, a stern face)

Oh God!! Love... It is.


People-  fall in love. Fall apart in love. Some don't bother. Some keep it platonic. Some are faithful . Some are dishonest .Some hurt, fight, break in between. Some forget. Some cry and cry. Some get disinterested midway and back up. Some don't have the guts to continue because of the pressures from parents, society, work. Some don't even make an effort to ask/ fight for their love and give up before even trying. Some try and try , if nothing works out, do their own thing. Some try and try, and give up just for their parents. And there are some of these who relentlessly try, try and succeed. Get married. Have a beautiful Life together.

Parents only want to keep their children happy. And kids do not want to hurt their parents. People have started to contemplate the matter. At the end of the day most people have started to realize that , it's about staying happy together, keeping each other happy, keeping the family happy, it's about LOVE. True Love.  And not about their cast , religion or their status.

Hubby: "How long are you going to take?" (with a wicked smile)

Me: "I don't know, Please be quiet" (mocking)


It's no more about Romeo and Juliet , Laila and Majnu. It's now about You and him/her, Hubby and Me( ;) )

Nothing but Love....

And why am I writing all this?

Just B'coz my cousin sis is getting married to her love, And She inspired me to write.

And to celebrate love, Here's the Orange and Walnut cake I made for Valentine's Day.

And Finally Here's my gooddy boody chubby wubby chweetie pie, whom I luv choooooooooo much, that I cuth eath him up:)  Look at that tree top :))


Me: "OK come here and see what I've written, Before I can Publish it" (Seriously)

Hubby Approaching.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

DIY Clock for your Valentine

"Love is in the air" , or must I say "Love is in the heart", Uff oh,"Don't take it literally!" says Mr.Gentle Heart.

Yes, Mr.Gentle Heart is gentle as a feather, caring like a mother, lovable like a baby, charming like a knight in shining armor, benign as a king and as funny as a buffoon. Wow, Could I not get anymore simile's?

 He's made my life fun from the time I've met him. Today , I can proudly say that He is my best friend for life.

The foundation of unconditional love is trust. Without a good foundation, your construction might topple anytime. And then you are left with nothing. This is what we all learn from relationships every day, isn't it?

Having written these words of wisdom, I would like to wish my valentine, my love, my soulmate , "A very happy Valentines day".  This is for you, with love.

So you wanna give some gift to you valentine and are bored of the same old chocolates, flowers, jewellery, cakes and other same old things. So here's your chance to surprise your sweetheart. Yes, you can make them a personalized clock. (I know its too late to do this now, but you can do it for your next valentines day or rather give it as a b'day gift. Didn't want to spoil the surprise to my hubby. Hence I'm late in posting this. Sorry!) Here's how:

Materials required: Thin cardboard , old/inexpensive alarm clock, toilet paper tube(Your right, preserve these!), glue, materials to decorate like felt pen/paint/stickers/crayons(anything you like)  ,cello tape, scissors, tape(satin, crape or anything at hand)and of course your creativity.

Cut out a heart shape from the cardboard. Stick a white sheet over it if necessary. Make a small hole in the center of it through which the motor of the alarm will be inserted.    

Now make any decoration on it, like I did this one. I painted over it with red. I then pasted few stickers on it and did some free hand drawing in black. Other option is that you could paste a picture of you together, draw some cartoons , or write something to represent each hour. Just use your creativity and explore all possibilities. 

Now take any tape, make frills like I've done in this picture and paste it from behind. I had a cotton cloth. I cut out a very long piece from it and did this. Cotton/crape paper is easier to make frills than satin. If your using satin tape then prior to sticking it on the heart cardboard make the frills using stapler instead of glue.

Now take an old alarm clock or buy some inexpensive alarm clock. Remove the motor part of it.

Next remove all the hands on the alarm. Do remember in which order you need to put it back.

Next place the motor on the behind of the cardboard so that its center coincides with the hole on the cardboard and glue it or use cello tape to hold it. Now screw in all the hands of the alarm from the front side in the right order .

Now you need to use something to support it so that it can stand straight. I used a toilet paper tube. Pressed it on one side and used cello tape to glue it just below the motor.Cover the lower portion of it with any tape.I have placed some heavy stones on the bottom of the tube behind it so as to balance the weight of the cardboard. The finished product is like this.

Ain't it Swell? Hope Mr. Gentle Heart likes it!

And here's the little fella who's in a race with his dad to steal my heart everyday!!

Love you both.