Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Golgappa ki kahani

Crazy o' wot? U gonna ask me after reading this ludicrous story .

I love cooking. I keep trying lots of new recipes every now and then so much that my hubby sometime gets bored of it..He just wants simple food and me being a foodie,love experimenting.Stupid me! So one crazy evening, I got this crazy idea of preparing something crazy..........lots of crazy ideas gnawed my brain..and I ended up tormenting a few golgappas:))

What I did was.......I  took out few of the left over golgappas.

Chopped a banana into thin slices and placed a few inside the golgappa....Surprised the golgappa...poor thing!!

Sprinkled a pinch of chat masala over it....

Brought out SLICE (Mango drink) from the refrigerator

And poured a little of it inside the golgappa...and................

And .........Slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp..........

Wanna try this at home? Well actually it wasn't that bad . Wasn't good either..Of course..what else was I expecting!! Something different and fruity and crunchy. I have tried it earlier with pani puris minus the pani and add pepsi.It really tasted good. Bettya!
I can hear you now say "Crazy o' wot?" ;)
Try it at ur own risk and dont point ur finger at me after that! OK?
Oh ! By the way I dont really experiment this crazily.Its just one in a while that I try oddest of all the combinations and go Bonkers. Its really fun to do crazy , meaningless stuff every now and then , isn't it? Let me know your crazy food ideas. Now go and do something hilarious !!