Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Refashioned 2 - It's all in the Jeans!

2 proverbs I totally believe in:

1) Tiny drops of water combine to make a mighty ocean

I so much believe in this one and truly have implemented in our lives whether it's saving money, water or learning, giving..almost in every aspect of our lives. And it has truly helped me.

2) Only stretch your leg so much that the mat allows you to. (This one is a literal translation of the kannada proverb "chapey iddashtu kaalu chachu")

I believe we should live our lives knowing our limitations to stretch our luxury/materialistic needs. Luxury should only be so much as to keep ourselves happy but not to do it to create an impression to others or in common terms -'Do Showoff'. !!

Coming to the topic refasioned. I refashioned few of my old jeans. Jeans could be easily turned into a skirt(among others ) , that too in different patterns. All you need is a sewing machine and of course sewing skills(Intermediate sewing skills are more than enough to do these). I you don't have any of the one, always look for a good tailor who can do it for you. But it's worth trying it with your old jeans rather than thrashing it.

Here are quick few looks of my refashioned jeans.

This particular one has a jeans turned into a skirt and have given a bottom frill with my old salwar.

With this one, I turned the jean pant to a skirt with a different pattern and combining it with crochet patterns.I hand sew the crochet onto the skirt .

In this one I turned my jeans and an old kurti top(which I got bored of wearing and whose material was still good ) into a new top/blouse. You can use jeans as frill also.

Old jeans could also be used to make wallets, kids dress, hand purse and many things more.
Check out my another skirt with jeans here.

A Reuse Tip:
While presenting gifts to others in a gift bag, it will be helpful if you write the name or wishes on a small card rather than writing it on the bag itself. This way the person who receives the gift can reuse the gift bag by just removing the card safely without damaging the bag.  Don't you think so?

Hope these tips help you and encourage you to reuse items at home.

Have fun until next post.