Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mustardy Egg Omelette Sandwich and the 3 R's

It's a really funny thing to see someone sleep with their mouth open. Picture it on someone, ..... someone funny and your gonna laugh. Well, I happened to sleep this for few days last week. OK , Don't laugh. I had a cold. A damn cold which made my nose stuffy.
                If you've experienced this then you know that your mouth gets really dry if you sleep with it open. The first night I slept this way I had dreamed that I was so intensely thirsty, my mouth kept feeling so dry and I kept drinking gallons of water and yet my mouth still felt so dry and thirsty. And I kept searching for more water and I kept drinking and the same thirsty feeling. Thank God, then the alarm ran!
                The second night I slept this way, I again had dreamed that my mouth felt very dry and thirsty , And I was looking for water everywhere and I couldn't find any. And then I wasn't able to speak. And I kept looking and looking and I couldn't find any water. Damn!!! and again thank God that the alarm ran!
                I could only come to one conclusion from all of this. That I dream only during the early hours of the morning before I am about to get up. Right?? I guess all of us do the same. Dreams are so weird. I dream every night. I sometimes pray that I sleep dreamless. Bcoz they are always weird.

OK so coming to the sandwich I'm about to write today.
Its more an omelette between 2 pieces of bread, but with a little twist in making the omelette. The omelette is good and different by itself .

Ingredients for omelette: (Serves 2)
2 Large eggs
Half a big tomato chopped finely
Half of a potato boiled and finely chopped
1 big bulb of garlic chopped
6 leaves of mint
2 green chilli cut half
2 tsps of spicy brown mustard (use 1 tsp for just eating the omelette by itself)
pinch of sugar
salt to taste

Put some oil on a heated pan, fry the garlic, green chilli first for a min or so. Then add the potato, tomato, pudina in that order, fry for few secs, then add the spicy brown mustard, salt and a pinch of sugar to taste fry until everything is incorporated. spread everything evenly on pan, then pour 2 beaten eggs onto pan to make the omelette. Cook till done. 

For the sandwich part:
Ingredients: (serves 2)
4 slices of bread of your choice (I used whole grain honey oatmeal bread),
2 slices of your favorite cheese
chopped lettuce
Any sauce of your choice( ketchup, tamarind sauce, mint chutney or you could even try my world famous cranberry sauce!! )

Spread 2 slices of bread on a pan after dropping a few drops of oil on the pan on med heat. Roughly break it into pieces and spread them on the bread. Use a whole 2 slices if you don't mind all the extra calories/fat. Now cover it with a lid so as to lightly melt the cheese. Remove bread once it is lightly browned so as to have a light crunch.

Now place a piece of omelette on the bread slice, then chopped lettuce(adding sliced tomatoes at this point would be good), then spread your choice of sauce on this which I completely forgot before I took the picture. Then place the other slice of bread over this.

And then bite into it for that mustardy feeling..

OK ,On a totally, totally , totally, different context, a context so different that is so outworldly. Yes , you got it. The same old husband and wife conversations, or jokes you may say. This silly talk between me and hubby the other day happened when some silly thing happened and I so  asked him in a silly way: "Are you mad? "

Guess what he replied??




Hubby : "No, I'm married"


If there's any letter thats in fashion these days, its the letter 'R', that too not once, but thrice. ;))
It's the 3 R's - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce which just means that by recycling all our used stuff, reusing all the possible things for various purposes, and reducing our waste we do good for our planet, and in turn for our future generations.
All of us should keep these things in mind when we go out to shop. Agreed most people are spontaneous shoppers , with all the colorful, beautiful , attractive stuff we get in shops which exactly what the manufacturers target. We quite often end up buying stuff which we are hardly in need of. We either buy 'coz we either liked the look of it or just in case we might need it in future.
I have in recent months developed this habit of resisting this temptation. The moment I feel the need to buy anything, I pause. I pause and give myself a minute or two to consider ,which is pretty much enough to stall the need to buy or procrastinates my shopping which by then I loose the interest. Which is a good thing.
I was in need of a shoe stand to be placed in my closet. I kept delaying buying it until I got the idea to make one with all the diaper boxes I had. I made the below stand with just diaper boxes and duct tape.

Sneek peek of the process of making a cardboard box shoe stand.

See you can make use of so many of the waste stuff at home. I recently used milk cartons cut into half as pots for my gardening (I shall put up pics and tutorial in future). All the old clothes, boxes could generally be put to good use.
I am sure all you have ideas of your own to recycle and reuse stuff at home. Please do teach your kids to use less. For Eg: Instead of using a whole sheet of paper towel, you could teach them to use half of a sheet of paper towel at a time (which is actually the amount necessary if you observe). Don't worry, it's not being frugal, your just teaching them to be sensible towards the environment.

So always remember the 3 R's.
With that note , I could safely end my long post here .

Chao until next time.

Friday, March 2, 2012