Sunday, June 23, 2013

Restaurant reviews of Jason's Deli ,Red Robin Burgers & Sweet Tomatoes for Vegetarians

It's like I am buying bananas just to watch them get a spotty sunburn this summer. So the very intelligent husband of mine gave me an idea, quote '' why don't you apply a sunscreen on it!! "

Got the joke??

Here's another one from my husband -
On one of the lazy boring days I wanted my hubby to cheer me up with his really perky PJ's.
Me: Please tell me a joke.
Husband: Which one??

Got the Joke?

Yeah the second one was so funny , isn't it? I really had a good hearty laugh that day!

Now listen to this joke from my 3 yr old son-
Ankush, my son: Mommy, let's go to Legoland.
Me: Legoland is too far. We cannot go there right now.
Ankush: Let's go far!

This so innocent thing made me feel so funny about it! So I ended up laughing so loudly. And then my cute little son got to know that he can make me laugh when he tells "Let's go far". And so now he keeps asking me daily about going to legoland or disneyland or India and then I tell him it's too far and then...the same - let's go far!!! Kids you see..........!!

Coming to the restaurant reviews:
All the restaurants I am mentioning today are kid friendly restaurants

Jason's Deli:

This is one of the very vegetarian food friendly restaurant we found. There are quite a few dishes on the menu for us.
Here's the link:

In the picture above we had ordered Zucchini Grillini Sandwich, Zucchini Garden pasta, Tomato Basil soup, mac and cheese for my son. Everything was tasty. I especially love their sandwiches. My son loved his mac and cheese. They also have a salad bar-all you can eat. Free ice cream. Good service. I rate it 4 out of 5 'coz of the wide vegetarian friendly menu they have.

Red Robin Burgers:

Only one garden burger is available on the menu. That is the only main dish available with few variety of sides. They also have a good menu for kids. Of course my son had his mac and cheese again. Their coleslaw and potato steak fries were yummy. Service was prompt. We especially liked their bottomless freckled berry lemonade. I also loved the interiors of the restaurant, all american feel. I would rate it 2.5 out of 5 only 'coz of the limited options. Hope they had more choices for us vegetarians. !

Sweet Tomatoes:

Don't have a picture of it. But before proceeding  further I would rate it 4.5 out of 5? Why? 'coz my extremely picky eater son loves this place. I do not have a problem of him not eating his food whenever we visit this place. That is probably because of their wide variety of options to eat. It has a buffet system for their kaleidoscopic array of salads, vinaigrettes, soups, pastas, breads and desserts for us vegetarians. It's just so fun to keep getting this hotchpotch of food on the plate. I usually see all the kids getting excited with their plate. They also do have a theme every month. And few of their dishes keep changing along with the theme. So if you are a vegetarian and haven't visited this place, do visit it. Even our parents loved it when they visited US. Visit for details.

Yeah, so that's about it for now.
Have fun until next .

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Storytime: Ankush and his Candy update!

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