Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY Twig Craft

Oscar Wilde said, "No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist"

Oh ,What truth did this great man speak! Creativity needs an illusionistic and an experimental mind. A mind that can see beyond the regularities and similarities between the colossal things around us. Ahem, just like how you see a big fat chicken and imagine a dish of hot & steamy chicken tikka masala crossing the road..yeah..that's also the work of a ingenious brain. 

Everyone is creative in their own way. Small children are creative in ways that we adults cannot imagine. An unperturbed mind of a child is so full of ideas and imagination that it could lift a big barrel of water with its weight, shoot it in the crisp air and pour it down in its rainbow colors of rain even shying away the rain gods. Observe an ant, and you will see how creative it is in kidnapping those small droppings of food in the kitchen to its ant haven. 

The twig craft?? 
  O.K let's come to this.
 Getting natural elements into the interior of a house gives a splendid and earthly look.
 I tried to inculcate a lot if twigs into crafting. 
Here are the things that I did.

A swarm of tiny twigs with woolen Pom Poms
in a vase that looks like , ....I guess a duck!
 Makes a good centerpiece for a table.

A hanging wall art made with twigs, leftover mount boards of used photo frames and lace. 

Another hanging wall art made with twigs and woolen. I then painted the silhouette of birds perched on it.

Branches of a tree festooned with beads adorned the huge vases. 

Note: No tree or plant was harmed or broken or felled during the making of these crafts. And if you wanna try these crafts, please do wash the twigs and stuff ,with water and drying it before working on them. 

Ok, all you ladybugs, before I hit the trundle and snore to wake up my neighbors, wish me goodnight!