Friday, October 8, 2010

Mr. Charming's Birthday

It was my husband's birthday yesterday. This is his 5th birthday we are celebrating together. How time flies! I usually plan for a surprise on his birthday. This time I had planned for a surprise party which didn't really materialize. Know why? Coz dear hubby comes home and tells me to plan for a dosa night on his bday:)) He himself asked for it.So there went down the drain, my surprise. Anyways,we had an amazing party .And the one who enjoyed the most was my son Ankush. Thanks to his cute friend Oishi. Both the kids were having fun playing around.

This time I baked carrot cupcakes for the cake, topped with cream cheese frosting. I arranged the cupcakes as in the word DAD. It was his first birthday as a father. The decorations you can see on top of the cake is made of black fondant. Hubby was just happy to see the arrangement and taste the cake. He loved it.

This pic is not good. It's a snapshot from a video. Forgot to click a picture of the whole arrangement:(

 In this pic You can see that I made shoes, laptop, sunglasses and his office bag. I mainly made stuff that he uses everyday.

In this one, you can see his T-shirt, shorts, car, wine bottle with glass(Not that he drinks everyday;)).

In this pic are his watch, mobile and his wallet.

Happy Birthday Dear Raghav

Look at him posing. He just loves to pose for the camera. As soon as he hears the switch on sound of the camera he starts paying attention, and gives his priceless poses.

 This one is for you, my friends. Come have a bite:)

We watched Endhiran last week, the hindi version. We were happy to find a link, online. It was a total, entertainer. The last few scenes, felt like I was watching transformer,Super man, Batman, infact all super heroes on One.It would have been great watching it on big screen. But honestly, Ash and Rajni!! Just imagine the number of times she had to kiss him while shooting!! Hehehe. But  Hats off To Rajni for his performance as Robot. 1 zettabyte memory, 1 teraHz speed. Wonder what would be his next film.What fun it would be if I had a robot at home:)


frank said...

cool! seems like I missed a great Birthday bash! :(

Koi na, b.w cake looks superb madam! I bet Raghav must be delighted to see that!

RASHMI8R said...

hey very nice idea...cake is really looking yummy da...share some receipe of cake da ..

divya said...

uh ashwini.yummy looking cup cakes and again hats off to ur idea of making the stuff which r used everyday. just lemme know if u r on facebook shall surely in love with ur creativity!


Ashwini Vanmali said...

Hey Divya..Im on facebook. find me as Ashwini Vanmali

soumya said...

hey hello its really amazing a very gud suprise for my jiju and i think u all had a blast on that day, good one ashwini akka:)