Monday, August 10, 2009

My Idol, My Hero

Is there someone that you look up to always? Is there someone whom you idolize, someone's thoughts and actions you perceive ? Do you find your soul attached to that someone? YES, I do. (No No..Its not Shah Rukh Khan...:)) )

He is my Hero. He is no ordinary person. He is special. He is a paragon for me today. I would always want be like him. I want to have that big heart that he has, as hard working as him, his stoic patience, his unmatched selfless nature, a true achiever like him, as humble as he is, as satisfied with life as he is, the unpretentious he is, the philanthropic that he is.

To evolve from hardships and not even complain about it is the quality of a true human. To achieve success in life and not having the self-esteem is the thing that I salute him. I wonder why can't everyone else be like him. (though I have my share of squabbles with him).

Yes, He is my hero, My Inspiration, My Dad!!!

Wen I was a kid People asked me "So what do you want to become when you grow up?" I would say "I want to become a doctor". And then they say "Oh ! So you want to follow your dad's footsteps." Though not a doctor , yes I do want to follow his footsteps.

Who's your Hero?


**Sri Harsha** said...

My Hero:

Suuuuuuuuuuperman !!!

Anonymous said...

:) good one! Although I admire so many I am yet to find the one I'd like to idolize.. Someone who I would look up to and say "This is what I'd like to become".
Every now and then I come across women who have achieved something despite their obstacles. But I am still searching for my Hero!

dr.raghavendra said...

oh it is amazing. tears rolled down my eyes reading this thanks ashu i never thought u like me so much god bless u .i always thought the greatest gift god has given me ,is my daughter .no exageration ..this shows that how sensitive u r. i never expressed my feelings towards u. really u r the loveliest & talented daughter. okay love equally ur mom also she is greater than me.yours loving dad

Babu said...

Hi Ashwini, You are great! You have given the greatest gift to your father! And your blogspot ? Its really fantastic!!! I never knew you could be so much creative ! Keep going........Babu