Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Restaurant review of Salsa Fiesta & Brio(For Vegetarians)

Great eaters and great sleepers are incapable of anything else that is great - Henry IV of france.

I had been to this mexican restaurant called Salsa Fiesta recently. 

I was so missing some good mexican food since we left Arizona. Looks like this place filled the void and I went bananas for their food!

OK, so we ordered Tostada fiesta. As you can see it has all this amazing tostones, taquitos, tortilla, tabita, teapot, tarpone.... and...Ok wait.. !What am I saying!  

I just made up the last 3 words. I'm silly sometimes...
Getting back, tostones are fried raw plantains, Crispy taquito is deep fried/baked  filled burritto, Pico de gallo is nothing but a particular kind of salsa. The crispy corn tortilla had all kinds of toppings on it including black beans, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheese ... This dish not only tasted incredibly good, it was mind-boggling. All ingredients were so fresh.

The another dish we ordered was Ole Ole(Vegetarian Spanish Omlette) Sandwich.
It comes with a side of nachos, pico de gallo and a different kind of a dipping sauce.
I had never tasted such a kind of sandwich earlier. It had potatoes and caramalized onions, arugula and spanish omlette. It was lip smacking. Well this dish isn't strictly vegetarian. It for those egg eating vegetarians like us:)

For my son we ordered Kids menu which had rice, black beans, cheese quesedilla. My son loved the quesedilla.

There is also a salsa bar where the gamut of salsa's and dippings tingles your food senses. We have options of tacos, burritos, enchilladas , salads, soups which could all be custom made for vegetarians. They have a seperate brunch menu other than the lunch menu. Kids also have their menu.

The decor is very urban, pop. Don't miss this restaurant next time you think of eating out. It's located in the whole foods market campus for those in pembroke pines area, FL. All dishes we brought were under 10$. Genuinely priced. Service was good.
Would I visit this again? Yes, I would definately. Again and Again:)


This Italian restaurant is located in the Shoppes at pembroke Pines, pembroke pines, FL. Had been here for my b'day with friends. This extravagant looking restaurant does have few vegetarian dishes. A seperate brunch menu is also available. 

It was a long time that I had visited this place, had clicked the pics and safely stored it in my laptop. Safely. Untouched. 
And now I open these pics and my really awesome bad memory fades about the names of these dishes. So I do not exactly remember this particular salad, but it was ofcourse vegetarian and of course it was very tasty.

This is their complimentary bread and one of a kind of cracker/tortilla you could say. Don't-know-what-it-is-exactly-called was good.

For the appetizer we had ordered Roasted Red Pepper and fresh Mozarella Brushetta. It was the first time I tasted this particular bruschetta and I wasn't disappointed. It has very distinct taste because of the drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
 And Oops! Sorry for the bad pictures. The phone, you know. The Night , you know. :(

For the main course, we had ordered Ravioli di bello. This dish is very similar to the ravioli portbello available in Olive garden restaurant. It tasted good, creamy.

The other dish was Penne Meditterranean. It had an interesting blend of mushroom, spinach, tomatoes, feta and pine nuts.

There is also a kids menu. Apart from these they also have few more dishes in the appetizer section and one another main dish called eggplant Pomodoro. Prices are ok! Not too heavily priced neither too cheap. The 2 times I have visited I surely had issues with their service. May be b'coz it's always crowded. We had to wait and wait for ofcourse the waitors but not for the food. It's ok to visit this once in a while. Would I visit this again? Yes, I would definately.

P.S: Oh yeah I remember now. It was the Brio chopped Salad.

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