Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DIY Easy-Peasy Shelf Organiser

Ho Ho Ho..It's been a long time time since I last posted. Have been and had been very busy last couple of months, hence the hiatus. We shifted to Florida, USA exactly a month back. Oh! Its already a month, time just slips. So we've been settling down here slowly and its taking all my time to manage my 8 month old boy and home. I hardly get to use the laptop during day time. Its only when Ankush sleeps that I get free to do my stuff.
                 So I've been wanting to put all used boxes/cartons to some use here, hence I decided to make myself a neat and easy organiser. Here's how I did it-

Cut the larger side out. This happens to by favourite cereal:)

Fold in the seperated sheet as shown.

Seal the loose edges using a cello tape as shown.

Then cover it with a gift wrapper or any coloured paper.

And VOILA!!! Here you have a neat easy peasy organiser, didnt even take ten minutes to do and Ankush is soo happy to see his favourite toys neatly arranged.

Oh and here are the banana, oats cookie that I baked 2 days ago.It was so soft and chewy and yummy:)) Got the recipe here. Do check it out , It's an awesome website.

About Ankush, He now can sit on his own. He has become more naughty, but hes very quiet with strangers unlike what he was in India.Hes grown tall and I'm waiting to see him crawl around soon:))

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