Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend with Butterflies

This weekend was awesome fun for us, coz we had a joyous trip to the 'Butterfly World' with our friends. Here are some of the pics. There were really hundreds of butterflies flying around. Blues, greens, whites , reds, browns and many more colours of butterflies were all busy fluttering around oblivious to all the people around.

Never knew butterflies feed on bananas:)) And the birds on the right bottom side of the below pic are called Lorikeets (don't know why!)

There were also cute little, chirpy, colourful birds. I coudn't really capture them in a picture, but here are just a few of them. The creature in the right bottom side in the below pic is nothing but DRAGONFLY. Have you seen such a huge one?

I said "Say Cheese" and it gave a big pose to my camera:))

Here is my son Ankush happily playing in the swing. This is his first time in the swing. He was so excited:)

Oh yeah ! And after the rendevouz with butterflies and dragonflies , we went off to the beach. This was Ankush's first visit of the ocean and..my my....he was a bit scared this time:) But he generally loves playing in water. Me and Ankush totally have fun during his bath time. He loves to put his tiny hands in the bucket of water and tap on it to see the water splish splashing around:)

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