Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Buddha said

I was reading a book earlier today and came across this beautiful verse where the great Buddha says "Believe not because some old manuscripts are produced, believe not because its your national belief, because you have been made to believe from childhood; but reason it all out, and after you have analysed it, then, if you find that it will do good to one and all, believe it, live up to it, and help others to live upto it".

What a great man Buddha is. He is said to be the only prophet who said " I do not care to know your various theories of God. What is the use of discussing the subtle doctrines about the soul? Do good and be Good. And this will take you to freedom and to wherever truth is."

Isn't it so true!! This is in wide contrast to where others want us to by heart all the versus written in books irrespective of you understanding its meaning or not, or even where we are forced to follow rules and superstitions blindly whether you like it or not. Why follow so many rules which don't make sense to us! Just hope someday everyone has their right to follow their own spiritual path and not be forced upon. Seriously.

Note: Verses taken from the book 'Swami Vivekananda on Universal Ethics and Moral Conduct' written by Swami Ranganathananda.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you in this Ashwini. I lose my temper when asked to do something just because everybody else has been doing it unquestioningly since ages. If today's youngsters, with all their education, should follow certain customs then they should be taught why they need to follow without imposing on them.
But there are people who are going to be offended if we question. So, as a part of today's educated generation, I would try not to hurt my elders' feelings but look for answers from books and certain educational sites so I preserve my curiousity and not lose myself in the herd.

Ravi Bhakat said...

The theories of god is like "jungle of metaphysics" where most of the beginners are lost only to find later that discussing all these contradictory theories wont take us anywhere...Be your own savior...Non-exclusivity must be inculcated in today's generation.