Sunday, December 4, 2011

What a bubbly ride!

So here's the thing.
Give a 2 year old a gun, and he's gonna like it.
Give a 2 year old boy a gun ,that too a one that shoots bubbles, and he's gonna love u, love u, love u forever.
(FYI: 3 love u's in a sentence sounds better than one !! ;))) Go try on someone!)
There's something about bubbles and kids that's so amazing.
Either it's the 'pluck' sound when you burst a bubble or because it flies up in the air with shiny colors on it.
Anyways you never know what goes inside a child's head.

Thinking about the bubbles, it suddenly occurred to me that it's already 1.30 PM and it's december 3rd and it's our wedding anniversary.(Of course there's no connection between the two, but...) It's 5 years already, with the amazing, charming soul mate of mine . Happy Anniversary to us. yippeeeeeeeeeeeee:)) 5 years and a 2 year old addition already! How bubbalicious :) (Ok now don't ask me what it means.)

Think I should go and sleep. It's 1.30 AM for god sakes. Pack up.

It's 5.30PM december 4th. I always try to conclude writing my blog in one sitting, but never happens most of the time. 2 yr old's you see, can be so dire demanding. :(

So everynow and then , my son wants me to shoot the bubbles from his gun.
So I keep shooting and shooting and shooting .
He keeps bursting and bursting and bursting them.






Burst ... and on and on and on until I get tired, not him.

It's like maze where you are trapped in it and you do not know how to come out of it.

I keep chanting "Please leave me, I've got work to do" !

And I somehow try to escape from this fiasco. I  try to divert his attention to some other toy and hide all his bubble stuff!

I bet if you're a mom/dad, you must be facing the same!!
If you're not yet a mom/dad, be ready for this!

So that's this big story about a our bubble times.

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Shanthi said...

Ankush is lovely, his eyes speak a lot ....