Sunday, December 30, 2012


Its's so disturbing to read the news. I'm so sure everyone has this on their mind after the delhi gang rape took place. Every now and then , the media sensationalizes a murder or a scam or any violence crime cases. Not that they are not worthy of getting sensationalized.

But according to statistics, a woman is raped every 20 mins and our country India is the 3rd worst offender in rape. So imagine the no. of cases that go unnoticed, that goes unreported. Just becoz' this delhi case has got so much of media attention, there are so many people coming forward to report their's. Every day we see new reports of rape, so it doesn't mean, "Oh! people still dnt have a heart, one more case today!!". There are number of cases happening everyday. And still there will be happening.

I do not understand why do we have to blame the politicians soo much. Are they the one who are raping woman? I dn't mean to say they are not to be blamed, but the real one's to be blamed are our society. The society that we have created. Blame your own kids, blame your own neighbourhood. How many woman in your neighborhood get eve-tease, groped? How many men do you see following young women from their colleges or work places to their homes? How many men engage in verbally abusing girls and women on the roadsides for just fun? How many of us didn't face problem while traveling on public transport, let alone while walking in a crowded place? If the basic foundation itself is not good,these rape cases will not stop just by bringing stringent laws!

We need to teach our kids good morals, good behavior, discipline. keep all our ego's in check.Teach our fellow men to respect women. I dn't mean to blame all men. But there are so many out there to be blamed.  Take just in colleges, how many girls get eve teased or bullied? All these behavior in men becomes strong later on where they commit such crimes easily. Forget rape, what about dowry deaths, female foetacide, which happens even in educated families? All these things happen 'coz of the general attitude of society towards women.

Like our president mentioned in her speech, the whole attitude of society needs to be changed! one person on TV mentioned "charity begins at home" , yes true, teach kids the right morals.

I have a 3 year old son at home, I pledge today to teach him the right morals as best to my abilities.
Let all men respect women and so should all women respect men.

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