Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"My Name is Ankush",

That's what my cute little son is gonna answer everyone who asks him his name:) Yes, we named our son Ankush. Having found this name over the internet, me and my hubby were wondering what it would mean. After some research , the meaning we sought was 'the one who controls everything'. After we named him, we got to know through our relatives that Ankush means 'the weapon used by the mahouts to control elephants'. Anyways, .....whats much in the meaning of a name!!!!
I see it this way:
My hubby and my son means 'Love and Happiness' to me.
Love and happiness
Love an' kush (kush means happiness in hindi)
Love Ankush :))) yeeeeeeeeeeyyyy...thats what Ankush is for me:)
My son is now four and half months old. He's getting more cute and naughtier by the day:) He's already fallen over on his belly. And he still keeps giving his priceless million watt smile!!


Savitha A said...

True Ash..what matters is how important ur baby is for you both and not the meaning of name....I say its a very beautiful name and even I searched for the meaning of 'Ankush' when you posted ur baby name beocz it sounded so wonderful...

Happy to hear about ankush...upload some pics :)

Ankush said...

Very beautiful name :) :)
I just luv dis name n 'm very proud to say my name is Ankush too :) :)

Ashwini Vanmali said...

Wow:) Ankush commenting on Ankush:))
Ankush's rock!!!

Anonymous said...

my name is ankush too..
n if seen by ur meaning of it as 'an kush(happiness)'..my full name is ankush anand..so that makes me double happyyyy..:)

Ashwini Vanmali said...

Oh wow..Thats such a happy co-incidence:)
So your happy happy:)

Ankush Handa said...

Hi Ashwini,

Ankush means to restrain / the mahuat's weapon and if you think of it as a name it means The Conqueror. The one who can control others or can conquer.

There are actually community groups on Facebook for 'Ankush', if you're still obsessed with this...

I would know... I've had the name for 29 years now :-)


- Ankush Handa