Friday, August 27, 2010

DIY Look Alike Wind Chime

Weekends..weekends..weekends...!!! They are so short:( Y is that? I wish there would be 2 more days in weekend. Whatever! Weather in florida is so unpredictable. It looks like its gonna be so damn hot down the day and all of a sudden ,BOOM and it starts raining cats and dogs. Just hoping it wont rain in the coming long weekend. By the way, my son Ankush has got his first tooth. He smiles and I can see a white pearl clinging up there.

This is a tutorial for Look alike wind chime which I completed yesterday.Of course its a look alike coz it doesnt really chime! I used hollow tubes from kitchen towels, shower curtain rings, artificial stones, beads, ribbons and of course all the necessary stationary.

You need to cut the kitchen towel tubes into pieces like this. Simply cut the tube lengthwise and you get this.One was enough to get six such pieces.

Next, you need to stick colored paper on both sides of these. I used black and white alternating on 3 of them, i.e back and front both.

Next , you neeed to cover the shower curtain rings with any ribbon of your choice. I used all in all 8 rings .

After sticking the colored paper, use beads/stones/ embellishments on them for decoration. I used these stones.

Join the cut paper tube and shower curtain rings with beads as shown. I used a thread to join them. I tried joining them with strings but it was hard to do so. Hence stuck with the good ol' thread. Join 3 such pieces equidistantly to a ring.

To hang it, you need to take 3 equal length of thread strands, join it equidistantly to the ring  and  place a knot by tying all 3 strands together half distant away, and the other end can be used to hang it as seen in this pic.

I made 2 of these . If you can get something that looks like a really big ring, double the size of the shower curtain ring I used, all 6 could be put into one, which would look awesome. So here's how I made this hanging.

This is what I had for lunch today. Penne pasta with kale and chickpea:) slurrrrrpppppp!!!


frank said...

amazing artist! Ganesh and Gauri are just awesome...

and you are a superb cook (So many varieties you prepared...yum yum.. I will come back in 2 weeks :))

Ashwini Vanmali said...

Thanks a lot Frank:)