Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Happy Bday To Me"

Im 26 yrs old today...Can I believe that? Still can't believe that im 26 and a To-Be-Mom now. :))
Wow..But it feels gr8 at this moment , having spoken to so many friends today.
It was a pretty silent b'day this time. Wishes started flowing in from 12 O' clock yesterday night, my hubby being the first to wish me:) We had a nice family lunch at Nalapaka, the restaurant popular for its north karnataka cuisine. Then we went to temple in the evening. And that was for my b'day outings this time.
Had it been If I was in school, b'days were so different then. We were allowed to wear colour dress on our birthdays. I was always so excited to wear my brand new colour dress! And then I would distribute chocolates to everyone in my class and to all the teachers. And then it was so much fun. I would stand in front of the class and everyone would stand up and sing the "Happy Birthday To You" Song. It was so fun then.
Do you remember how you celebrated your birthday when you were in school? Isn't it such a cute memory:)


Raju US said...

Ahaaaa! Welcome to blogger world!
That was nice! Those were great old childhood days. Amazin & un-forgettable.
Belated B'day wishes! Njoy!

hemanth said...

I used to celebrate my b'day by eating all the chocs that were infact to be ditributed to my fellow students. hahaha.

That is how considerate I was..

Shanti said...

Belated Wishes Ashwini .

We had cake made at Tucson last year. So where is it this time ??? .