Friday, October 15, 2010

DIY photo decal/frames

Just looked back at all my posts and realized that this is my 26th post. Bad? Good? Don't know? Think ,I don't know, coz its over a year now that I started blogging. Think I need to blog more frequently, something nice. Creative. Fun. Interesting.

The other day, I wanted to cover up the boring white walls with some photos. But I dint have any photo frames to fame them onto. So I made some of my own.

Things you will need: Construction paper/colored paper which is stiff and thick, stickers, glue scissor, cello tape, photo/any printout.
 First, cut the colored paper like a frame and stick it onto the photo/printout. Then decorate it as per your taste. I stuck some scrapbooking stickers on them. I also cut out ribbons into small pieces and pasted over it. Voila! Done. Now stick it onto the walls with cello tape.

Have a look at my wall. See how the boring white wall looks colorful. As a variation, if you want a uniform look, use a single color for the frames instead of multicolours. I prefer using wider number of colours coz its nice for the babies if you have one at home.

Do you remember all the fun stuff you ate when you were a kid? I remember! I use to love eating Good day biscuits(which was so much tastier then), 5 star, dairy milk, cream over the boiled milk (which I really hate now), thick yogurt (which my mom wouldn't allow me to eat much coz I would catch a cold) , Sweet buns, honey cake (which I still love, think I need to bake it someday), ice cream, bubble gum (I remember trying to make those big bubbles. remember Boomer????),  dosa with jam and many more things. These tiny colored chiclets being one. Don't know why but I used to love these. The other day when I went shopping , my eyes happen to spot these and I just picked it immediately. Haven't seen these lately. I used to love it as a kid. They just look so cute:) Ah! Those ring-a-ringa roses days, I'll tell ya!! But taste buds have changed so much now. Then, A ketchup would be enough for everything including dosas and idlis and upmas. Now!! Eeeeeeeeeks. How can anyone eat ketchup with idli! I remember my cousin bro eating curd rice with ketchup. Imagine:)

 Having bought a new muffin pan, I felt like crazy to bake cupcakes again. Crazy me, didn't I eat enough on my hubby's bday! I had to hurry up and make them again. This time I baked Mocha cupcakes with raspberry and chocolate chip. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........... Want some???

It is Dasara now. Happy Navarathri to all my friends:)

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