Friday, November 12, 2010

DIY Decorations for Ankush's Birthday

Having a runny nose :(  Me and Ankush, both!! Thats the worst part. Our noses seemed to be in perfect symphony throughout the day. We almost created a masterpiece yesterday. Don't ask.

I had put quite a lot of effort for Ankush's birthday. I started getting the invitations ready.

Next I prepared these. I cut out the letters in watercolor paper and I used cool blue, ivory black and glitter silver to paint it. The penguins on each letter were all drawn before it was cut. 

Aren't those lovebirds ..oops..Love penguins cute:)

The seal that you can see  over the alphabet 'I' is a character in the cartoon PINGU.

I loved the design in letter 'Y' . The penguin is fishing here:) Ankush keeps pointing out at 'D' all the time.

Penguin on letter 'N' is mountaineering. "Go Penguin Go"

I was getting out of ideas on penguin models. Hence made a snowman on 'S'.

On the whole it looked like this when stuck on wall.

This was the centerpiece or more literally the cornerpiece.

I tried to maintain the colours blue, orange , white, silver and  black in all my decorations. Next I bought white, blue and orange color woollen.   I made a braid out of these 3 colors. Cut triangular shapes of orange, blue, and pasted aluminium foil on the rest.

I stuck Ankush's picture on these triangles. Pasted them on the braid. The penguins were also made out of paper and painted with acrylics. I made around 14 such hangings.

This was on the entrance door. The
letters are made out of woollen and I painted the rest of the area.

This was another piece which says 'You are in 1-derland'.

We had lot of snacks, played quite a few fun games. We all had fun. Hope all the kids enjoyed.


Jaganathan (a) Jag said...

Nice Work. Hope Ankush enjoyed his B'day.

Convey our Belated Wishes!!!

RASHMI8R said...

hey very nice decoration...ur ideas are really great...