Sunday, April 17, 2011

Diagnosis of Nothing

I recalled Ms. Mariette, my 6th std class teacher telling us "Beg, borrow or steal, but you have to get it tomorrow." Is it really ok for a teacher to tell such a thing which makes stealing a kind of obligation? It is not OK according to me. Although I guess she was just being sarcastic when she said so.

Sarcasm can be a crude thing sometime. When one doesn't know that he is being a subject of derision. People always say that we need to take things lightly. But what if one cannot be frivolous at the light of the moment. It is not always possible to accept mockery. Right. It's the mind, after all.

Likewise, it's our mind which decides the mood of the person speaking to you. Some people come out loud, even though they may not be. Some people seem funny, even though they are serious just like clown fish. It may not be funny but it's appearance might be. Some people look rude , though they may actually be the kindest person ever known. Everyone rightly say, 'Don't go by the looks, its almost always deceptive.' Likewise, judging a person by the tone of his voice, or his facial expressions also might not be right. Although all of us still do the same.

Some people have a facial structure such that it makes them look stern, or having a frown. Some people have such a voice which makes them seem too rude. So we aren't suppose to judge a person by looks, or by voice or by his mood. So how do we know or judge a person? Simple. Just don't judge. Just leave it. Don't think too much. It'l pass. Keep your mind empty. Right. But. Empty vessels make noise. Thats what every one says. So what do we do? Fill the vessel , something as pure as water. Think just positive. Not about people who worry you. Just about something light, Like a funny TV show for eg. Or the flowers your loved one sent you. or the smile your li'l one flashes at you, his cute li'l palms and feet.

My friend Ashwita , in her blog, mentiones that every person is a product of his circumstances in their past , both present and past life. It is so true. Not sure about the past but very true about the present. So I keep reminding myself, not to judge him or her, even though I do, but I keep controlling my mind from doing so every time. 'Coz by the end of the day, it never really matters what or how this or that person really affects our life. It only matters how we allow others to affect our life.

So really , its nothing to contemplate about.

Just Nothing.

And I just wrote a lengthy blog , so much which is really nothing and that too without a single picture.

Yaaay. (Me humming.)

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priyanka said...

superlike...this is ur best post..:)