Friday, May 6, 2011

The Growing 'Him'

It Just feels like yesterday that my son had started walking. But now he just runs around. He doesn't seem to  have the time to walk. Looking at him grow up is so fun and exciting. Every other day , we are awe struck by his ludicrous antics.

The Beach

Two months back He was pretty scared to play in the beach and just last weekend he was soooo much enjoying playing in the water.

We were speechless.

The Washing Machine

And then the other day  when I was pulling out the clothes from the washing machine, I was also pulling out spoons and his toys. It looked funny. It was like opening a  gift box with a lot of goodies inside:)) Only then I realized that he's grown tall enough to dump stuff into the washing machine.

The Mirror

He steals glances of himself in the mirrors. He stares at himself, his hands, his legs.He blabbers in front of the mirror which makes him all the more risible. Fun, ain't it!!

Try it when you're free. I'm sure you will be amazed.

The Animals

He loves them. Dogs, cats and ducks. These are the ones that he gets to see in our apartment. He chases them. Of course the ducks and the cats run away. But the puppies play with him.

And he bites their tail!!

Just kidding.

The shoes

His cute tiny weeny Shoes.

His first.

His second.

His third.



Raise your hand if you like the last one the most.

Wow, thats too many hands raised!!

The Socializing

He , who was so scared and shy, has started to open up a bit now. He does mingle with people and kids around a li'l bit. A Little bit. Not long that hes gonna have his friends over . I guess. But He's still shy.

And  He just completed a year and half the other day.


daddy said...

ankush like every kid are gifts 0f god .they are egoless. life is full of fun for them.we should learn from them.

Ashwini Vanmali said...

Very True Dad:)

RASHMI8R said...

Hey its same with all the kids dr, Do u know when i came from Tokyo my son was so silent but now playing with all my neice n nephew he has become so naughty u know, so it all matters about the time, place and enviornment. I really admire sometimes whether is he my same old Tanish .Ankush has grown up...God bless him...

Shanthi said...

Sweet ankush, the collection looks lovely....