Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY Cute Valentine Card

It's that time of the year where you get so excited, delighted, energized about doing something special for your loved ones. It's the Valentines Day. The first thing that always comes to mind is to buy a card. Why, I guess it almost never comes to mind coz it's like a default thing to do.

So here I did a DIY simple, cute card which you could do it and surprise him/her. Stuff that are made at home are always special than store bought.

All you need to make this card is a thick paper like the ones used in greeting cards, sketchpen/markers, tissue paper of the color of your choice, glue, scissor, pencil.

I found this cartoon on the net and I liked it so much that I thought of using it in this card.
Take the sheet of paper and fold it into half.  Draw the boy in the cartoon on the left side of paper with pencil. Cut 2 hearts, one from another white thick sheet of paper and another from a colored paper(I used pink) so as to fit in the remaining right side part of card.

Now draw the girl in the cartoon on the heart with a pencil. Fold the heart lengthwise. Apply glue on left behind side of it and stick it very next to the shy guy.

Now using markers color the guy and girl. Decorate the card as you want. I used crayons to color them.

Now flip the heart, and draw an arrow on it.

Take the tissue paper, crumple it , stick it on the inner side of card.

I painted the paper with silver roughly.

Allow it to dry and decorate it as you wish.

You can now gift it to him/her on valentines day. See wasn't that easy peasy. 
This is just a basic outline .. You could use your own imagination to decorate it, you could even stick your picture inside the card or inside the heart, instead of drawing.

So have a wonderful Valentines day and knock 'em off their chairs!!!

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Have a nice day.

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