Monday, August 3, 2009

Where is Space ? And beyond

Do you know the answer to this? I wonder sometimes...No No, many a time .

I am in Bangalore -> Karnataka -> India -> Asia -> Earth
-> Solar system ->Milky Way -> Space -> ??????????(and then where?)

I mean, where exactly is this space? How far is this space? Where does this Space start?
Where is the END OF SPACE?

(Space is probably in GOD's belly:)))))))))))))) hehehhehe. That is the answer I get sometimes:) )

Do you remember the scene in where Lord baby Krishna eats mud and then his mom asks him to open his mouth?? She saw the whole universe in His mouth!!! Probably we are in His mouth:))!!

There are lots of theories married to the 'End of Space' like : Space is infinite, Bing Bang, No Big Bang, Vacuum, Space has edges..etc etc etc..and the list goes on.

Nobody knows for Sure, and the mystery continues!!

What do you say?

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**Sri Harsha** said...

Haha... This is something I've been pondering about from my childhood !!

Mostly, this is the mostly the reason why I'm an atheist :)

I recommend you read the 'Brief History of time' by Stephen Hawking.

Should answer some of your doubts ...