Friday, April 18, 2014

DIYs for my New Home

Like empty vessels, they made noises. They cried, they cribbed, they vowed to denounce the greedy, mean and the selfish.
But alas, what a shame! When it came the time to show off our power to dethrone the bad, they kicked up a fuss, they partied, they vacationed, they slept and they just forgot about it!
This is the state of our country! 
Social responsibility is like the wrapper of a candy thrown on the streets in our country. Eat all the goodness our country has to offer and don't bother to clean up the wrapper when the time comes. 

Change can only come when people allow the good changes to come. 

Moving on!

Here's a big show off of all the DIYs I did for my new home;)

Canvas wall art in the photo gallery

Bead hangings

Art on a wood piece

Sewing Machine cover with old clothes and jeans

Paintings in acrylic

Art in embroidery loops.
Chandelier made with beads on a fruit basket.
Above is mirror frame art, below is kids room decor on door

Thats's all the Diy for now. 

Those of you who still in India and still have  a chance to vote, plz VOTE!

Take care.

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