Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hello there and DIY tiny planter

Hello there, all you lovely people. I know I know , it's been such a loooooooong time that you almost forgot this small space of mine on the internet, right? 

'twas a big change in our lives. We moved back to india, getting settled here, setting up the house, school, office, work , that and this, and oh you know how it is when we have to accommodate such a big change. 

So that was all going on and so this past year I was inactive in here.

Its joke time;
Hubby while watching cricket :yes its a six
My son: Appa not six,its seven;)

Moving on...

Now lets do a tiny planter. I'm in really love with those tiny white planter which succulents available in the market these days. So I thought of making one in my own style. 

What u need:
Rope or any thicker thread of your choice
Yellow and green felt clothes / artificial flowers
Sand/ pebbles to fill in the container
Any small container or an old box
Glue , scissor

How to:

I had this small thing that looks like a container. It's about the height of my index finger. 

Apply fevicol or any glue you have and start applying it from the bottom and simultaneously take a rope and start taping it from bottom up until you cover the whole container.

Next, time to make few felt flowers. I just made 3 of them .

Like see in these pics above, you have to make a small circle on a thick paper or cardboard and put the string around it, wrap green felt on string for the stem.

Cut  a long yellow felt ribbon, make tiny cuts along its length for the petals or just leave it plain and just roll it and paste it on one side of the cardboard. Cover the other exposed side of cardboard(that's the behind of flower with felt).

Now all you have to do is fill the container with pebbles or sand, place the felt flowers in it. I also placed tiny store bought white flowers ( or make your own ) along with it. 

Voila done! 

Now you can place it on your window sill like me or put it wherever , whatever place you want to adorn it with. 

Rain or Shine, it will make you Smile!

Happy crafting until next time.

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