Friday, May 20, 2011

DIY Sandwich-Maker Style Sandwich

Sandwiches!! Most of us can have it any time of the day and so do I. Where as some people do not have anything close to 'like' when it comes to bread.

Most of the times whenever I crave for a snack, this is the one I can think of instantly. 2 slices of bread, something to fill in and done. Oops,  sorry, not done. I like it toasted. Like the ones that comes out of a sandwich maker. But Ofcourse I do not have one, and I don't intend to buy one coz I can make one at home by using this technique!! Guess, most of you already know it. But anyways, here it goes.

First , heat a tava somewhere between low to medium heat.

Next place a few drops of oil or a small dab of butter on the pan. This step is totally optional. Now place the assembled sandwich on the tava.

Now place the flat side of any plate big enough to cover the sandwich. Totally clean the plate before using it ;))

Now either place something heavy on the plate such that it presses the sandwich or

Press the plate gently with your hands. Better wear gloves so that you won't burn your fingers.

Hold it this way for few seconds just enough to lightly brown the bread. Now flip the bread , and repeat the same procedure the other side. When placing the plate on the counter in between remember to place it upside down, so that we won't dirty it when placing it on the bread again.

Remove the sandwich and cool it for a min or two on your plate before attacking it!!

I have browned the bread a lil bit more..coz I was busy taking the pictures.

Wow, I would love to sandwich him in my arms ;))

Happy Sandwich Making .

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