Friday, May 6, 2011

Never Diminishing

All I am about to write is about Akshaya Tritiya. It means never diminishing. It is celebrated by both Hindus and Jains. But I kinda felt it is wrongly understood or celebrated. Or at least I felt most of us do not know the real meaning of this day other than buying gold on this day. Isn't it?

As per my search in google, I found that as per Hinduism ,this day is celebrated as the birthday of Sage Parashuram / sixth avatar of Vishnu. This is also the day River Ganga descended to earth from heaven as per the mythology. So it is believed that doing charity on this day is a blessing. So as in starting new ventures / deeds.

For Jains, it's a story about a king of Ayodhya who ended his year long fast today when he was offered sugarcane juice from his grandson. It took a year and his grandson to understand that all He wanted was food and not worldly materials which people kept offering him.

My Pessimism starts here.

Just  like Valentines day , friendships day, fathers day, mothers day and all other days being so over hyped just for marketing the retail products by business owners, I feel even Akshaya Tritiya is over hyped by jewellers/banks/finance companies in India in recent years. (No offense and not that I don't celebrate these special occasions, but I am just merely trying to understand the big picture). So people buy gold thinking that it multiplies if you buy on this day. Don't know what people will do with all the multiplied gold, if it ever multiplies and if it really makes sense.

People are actually supposed to do charity on this day. It is a blessing. On the contrary when our holy book Bhagavadhgeetha teaches us to forsake all worldly pleasures and desires , to give and not ask more, why do we some people do exactly the opposite. Why do we see buying gold on this day as auspicious? Why do we perform Lakshmi pooja for wealth and property? Does it make any sense? It doesn't , to me.

I know its practical in this age to have wealth enough to live comfortably. But isn't the real meaning of this day being masked by the gimmicks of business people. All we know is the picture projected by marketing companies than the religious side of it.

So I think all of us should understand the real meaning of this day and grab an opportunity to do some charity or good deeds on this day instead of dwelling on buying gold and it bringing wealth and getting multiplied and so on.

On the lighter side, here's what I baked for my friends on their anniversary.

Chocolate cupcakes which was more like chocolate brownies. Anyways it tasted chocolaty!!

Have a good day. If I buy a chocolate on this day. Will it multiply and will I keep getting more and more of it? All chocolate lovers, try it ;))


This thoughts in the article written above is mine and mine only and does not reflect any body elses's sentiments. Neither it refers to anyone in person.

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